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Radiation Monitoring Specialists: At RadTrac we've worked in the healthcare industry for combined total of more than 100 years of experience. An imaging director in California worked with RadTrac to create the radiation monitoring system that not only tracks hospital radiation, but is a solution for patient safety. RadTrac goes a step above simply tracking radiation. It monitors cumulative dose and alerts imaging departments when levels are too high. RadTrac is the solution with a proactive approach that gives radiology departments the tools to be on the cutting edge of technology and hospital radiation safety.

Our Approach

At RadTrac, we take a proactive approach to healthcare. Our focus is on protecting patients and healthcare facilities by preventing problems before they occur. Our philosophy is to work with the client to integrate with their current systems. [more]


The time is now to protect patients and prevent radiation overexposure. With recent laws passed to mandate radiation tracking and patient demand to be involved in healthcare decisions, it’s vital for healthcare facilities to be in front of trends in the industry. [more]

Patient Portal

RadTrac is committed to helping patients avoid patient radiation overexposure. Learn more about patient radiation safely through our list of various online resources. [more]

RadTrac – Medical Radiation Patient Monitoring & Tracking Technology

RadTrac’s Radiation Dose Tracking System (RDTS) is a radiation monitoring tool that helps hospitals, medical facilities and healthcare related radiation departments limit radiation overexposure to patients. Because the risks of radiation overdose are extremely dangerous, RDTS was created to monitor medical radiation and diminish that exposure through a system of tracking, reporting and notification to keep patients within radiation exposure limits.

It is important in radiation dosage tracking to not only measure the radiation exposure once it has been administered but also to monitor from past exposures to ensure that radiation overexposure does not occur.  That’s why at RadTrac we take a proactive approach to measuring a patient’s exposure to radiation.

Patient radiation safety is the utmost concern at any healthcare facility.  However, many times human error, misidentification and other issues can dramatically affect patient care and leave your facility open to liability.

RadTrac Takes a Proactive Approach to Limit Radiation Exposure

At RadTrac we’re committed to limiting radiation exposure before it occurs.  Through our system of radiation tracking and flagging patients who may be overexposed to radiation as well as alerting hospital staff and doctors, we can prevent hospital radiation overexposure and its dangerous side effects.

Medical Radiation Monitoring Prevents Radiation Overdose

The effects of radiation overdose can be long-lasting and harmful to a patient.  They include anything from nausea and tissue destruction to cancers, tumors and genetic damage.  These serious side effects can be prevented through the use of radiation monitoring and an alert system like RadTrac’s RDTS.